Jen Bell, Premier Mortgage: As a loan officer, ex-naval instructor, CrossFitter, and horseman, Jen knows that all of these things take hard work, knowledge, problem solving, perseverance, passion, care, attention to detail and integrity. She cares about people and sees herself as a teacher rather than a salesperson. It’s important to Jen that how she makes her living makes a difference. This idea motivates her to be a great loan officer for her clients and a valued  professional partner for over 10 years.

Lauren Chandler, Lauren Chandler Cooks: Lauren works one-on-one with clients, bridging the gap between the health care provider and the healthful plate. Amidst the conflicting definitions of what constitutes a nutritious diet, she stays out of the food fight and focuses on the individual's unique cooking and dietary goals. She develops and teaches culinary classes in the Master of Science in Nutrition program at the National University of Natural Medicine and has been teaching cooking for 20 years.

Mickey Deagle and Andrew of Isolary Design: Isolary is a small group of artists and geeks from Portland, Oregon who work together to build beautiful, functional websites every day. They are real people–professionals with decades of experience in web design, application development, and marketing strategy.

Ashton Ford, founder, AshtonForDesign: Effective interiors that breathe life and inspire. Ashton has a strong focus on connecting with the local community and collaborating on projects both large and small. Whether the job calls for custom design, catalog sales, or salvaged items, she knows where to find it. With a bachelor of fine arts in interior design, her abilities range from concept and research to development and execution. Ashton blends her design knowledge and originality with the style preferences of her clients. Ashton is a member of IIDA and Restore Oregon.

Ashley Fungone, associate editor, is an experienced marketing professional in Portland, Oregon with an affinity for design. Currently the client services coordinator with Living Room Realty, Ashley enjoys lending her marketing expertise while growing to her career as a freelance artist. For more information about Ashley's work or to get in touch, please visit her website.

Jess Graff is an artist and educator who has been working professionally in the arts for over a decade. Currently the Residency Manager at Portland Children’s Museum, Jess enjoys supporting creative inquiry and play through open-ended art projects. For more information about Jess’s artistic adventures or to inquire about contracting the artist please visit . To learn more about the Artist in Residence Program at Portland Children’s Museum please visit

Bob Knowles has been curating music his entire life. He has chased music, recorded music, produced music, made music videos and currently trying to finish a documentary about gigposter art and music. Listen to Bob's show on Throwin’ it Back Thursdays, 7:00 – 10:00 a.m. on Portland Radio Project, 99.1fm.

Davia Larson: Editor, podcast producer, and realtor. Davia is a Portland native who looks at her home town with wonder, skepticism, and familiarity. She’s the girl next door who is always up to something new. Contact at

Modernist Financial helps creative visionaries structure their wealth around their values while advancing a feminist business model for the wealth management industry.

Johanna Palmieri, Photographer & Artist: Johanna is an independent artist locatIed in Portland, OR. She graduated from Indiana University in 2013 with a B.A. in Art History. Her photography has been published in Canvas Creative Arts Magazine in five volumes between 2009-2013. She finds inspiration in her travels and the allure of an earlier time.

Poet Kim Stafford grew up in Oregon, Iowa, Indiana, California, and Alaska, following his parents as they taught and traveled through the West. He is the author of a dozen books of poetry and prose, and the director of the Northwest Writing Institute at Lewis & Clark College, where he has taught since 1979. He holds a Ph.D. in medieval literature from the University of Oregon, and has worked as a printer, photographer, oral historian, editor, and visiting writer at a host of colleges and schools, and offered writing workshops in Italy, Scotland, and Bhutan.

We gratefully acknowledge the many neighbors, makers, artists, business professionals, and community members that give generously of their time and energy to make this magazine possible. We especially wish to thank Living Room Realty staff and agents who go above and beyond: Brad Twiss, Carson Mead, Kate Austin, Alyssa Hacmac and Stacy Looney.