Chris and Jen

Chris and Jen have lived in Brookford for 3 years. Chris works in environmental sciences and Jen specializes in public health. We asked them how they found Brookford, and what it’s like to live in the neighborhood now that they’ve settled in.

"We looked at houses throughout NE, SE, and SW Portland and eventually settled on the SW area because we liked the open floor plans of the ranch style houses and spacious yards, which worked well for our growing family. We were pleasantly surprised by how accessible other parts of the city are from Brookford, with multiple routes to work and family by car or transit."

"What we loved about this home was the openness of the layout, size of the front and backyard, and location. The beauty of the surrounding area and park at the end of the street were big selling points. While the house needed some maintenance and the yard had been a bit neglected, we felt good about the structural integrity and could see the potential. With every project, the house feels more and more like our own and we love it that much more."


"We tend to use the backyard more when friends and family visit because of the deck and sitting area, but we spend a lot of time in the front yard because of the connection it affords to our community. There are many families in the neighborhood and people passing by, so our front yard becomes a place to play and visit." 

"We really like the flow and openness of ranch houses. Because of the layout and size of the house, we find that we use every room on a daily basis. It's especially nice with young kids because we can keep an eye on them while making dinner and doing other things."

"The neighborhood feels like a good balance of urban and rural. It's very easy to get to downtown or the eastside and enjoy everything Portland has to offer. On the other hand, the neighborhood itself feels like a small town. Most everyone we've met is pretty easy going, friendly, and welcoming to others."

"We have a park nearby and spend a fair amount of time playing and walking there, but we are more car dependent than before when we go out. Our kids are young so we are limited on how far they are able to walk regardless of where we live right now, but there are plenty of options a short drive or bus ride away. We're also beginning to explore some of the SW trails through neighborhoods, which has been fun for all of us."

"In the future, we would like to increase the size of the dining area and add a new set of French doors opening onto the backyard to bring more light in and further increase the openness of the house."

D. Larson, editor