Chris Koski

"Simple. Clean. Modern. Minimalist." That's how Chris describes his style, and it shows in every inch of his remodeled Brookford home.

Chris Koski moved to Portland almost 10 years ago from Eugene when he took a position as a senior engineer with Tokyo Electron America.
Chris explained his search, his affinity for Brookford, and his design choices.

"Katrine Ehlen with Where Real Estate guided me on my house hunt. Early in the search we looked at a home off 39th and Hamilton and my initial thought was, ‘this is where my grandparents would live.’ A few months passed and my home search was still West Hills to Grant Park, and everything between." 

"We revisited Brookford, this time in spring. That’s when we stumbled on this home. It was in need of some major work but that was my plan from the beginning. I wanted a home that was designed for me; I didn’t want to have to adapt to someone else’s design."

"Midcentury modern design was a key item for me, I love one level living. The large front window letting in all that natural light gave the space such an open feel. The private backyard and creek had potential to be great."

"What I loved most is the way the trees cantilever over the street as you drive down 38th. That’s a process you can’t rush, a look that takes decades of growth and maintenance to achieve. With no street lights it makes the nights so private, yet still so close to downtown." 

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"This is my third home purchase. The first two in Eugene were in need of minor updates, but nothing like the full gut and remodel that was done here. I wasn’t looking for just mid-century, I was also driven by location. The level of work that I wanted to do gave me the option to purchase a home in need of some work." 

"I love clean, sharp lines. There is not one rounded corner in the entire home (the one exception is the School House Electric dining chandler. Round was used to balance the round reclaimed Elm table)."

"We used saw kerf corner bead to eliminate window and door moldings, solid core doors with true square sticking, a modern garage door–again with square sticking to match with the interior, and Emtek hardware was chosen for every door and cabinet."

"The artwork in this space was specifically selected from this home. There is something about a bold piece of art hanging in a stark white environment that helps pull everything together. Much thought has gone into every selection in this home. Some of my favorites are an acrylic over plywood forest scene from a Portland First Thursday, a Ronald Hunter canvas hanging over the stucco fireplace, and my favorite custom piece from Koby Feldmos Tel Aviv.
My years living in the Pearl showed me that you can survive in less than 3,000 square feet. I’m big on using space efficiently, why there is no linen or hall closets in the home. Converting this home from a 3 bedroom 1 bath home into a 2 bedroom 2 bath home some might see as hurting resale, but it fits with everything that I have done in the redesign."

"The choice to go open concept, use polished chrome on all hardware, no lawn, white flat paint on all surfaces, no bathtubs. This is a house designed for someone who appreciates modern, simple living. 

The front yard was my design and I LOVE the way it works. I wanted something other than a lawn, I wanted modern formal and low maintenance. From the beginning I had a vision of how the yard would look, the horsetail screening for the front window down to the rock gaps in the walkways. I tried to capture interest in every area without forcing it on someone; the Corten steel mailbox is an example of this, repeating the material again on the steel planter box containing the climbing Bougainvillea that softens the lines of the garage." 


"You see it as you walk past the house but at the same time you don’t even notice you saw it. I tried to create layers of interest from the curb to the creek in the backyard. I wanted the house to stand out but blend into the surroundings at the same time."

"At night from the street you see the landscape lighting on the grasses and the slat wall, then you are drawn into the house and see the Koby Feldmos painting in the kitchen, next is the backyard where more lighting is used to highlight the black bamboo and the cedars."    

Chris shows final details for the master bath, which has just been installed.

Chris shows final details for the master bath, which has just been installed.

CK Master Bath2 copy.jpg

"The location is perfect for me. I commute to Hillsboro for work, easy access to 26. 10 minutes to downtown. I love having a park across the street; the constant foot traffic on the street of neighbors and urban hikers give me great pride in this neighborhood."

D. Larson, Editor