Connecting with Community

Green Lents is the source for understanding how the Lents neighborhood is organized, how it provides services for residents, and who listens and responds to community needs.

Green Lents supports community led projects that align with their mission to provide volunteer, education, and leadership opportunities in and around Lents, to support a thriving and sustainable community. They work with a network partners, including PSU and the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, to support critical livability projects throughout the neighborhood. They include: The Community Tool Library, Malden Court Community Orchard, and the Pollinator Habitat.

In addition, Livable Lents combines a community-wide Listening Project and Livability Action Pledge to connect the community members of Lents to their neighbors, local organizations, small businesses, and city and state bureaus.

Deeply concerned about Lents and the diverse members of its community, Livable Lents completed a richly detailed study of the neighborhood in 2015. The final Outreach Report can be found here. With development about to begin in the Lents Town Center and other areas, Livable Lents and Green Lents provide information to the PDC and other city bureaus about community needs and priorities. The goal is to keep the neighborhood as inclusive and equitable as possible in the face of projected growth and urbanization.

Green Lents coordinates with an extensive network of community partners, who are engaged in cultivating healthy growth and self-sufficiency for all residents. Some of these include:


Portland Youth Builders

PYB is a non-profit organization committed to providing long term support for low income youth. Each year, they provide education, vocational training, and leadership development services for young people between 17 – 24 years of age, who have not completed high school and who face significant barriers to success.


Zenger Farm  

A working urban farm that models, promotes and educates commnunity members about sustainable food systems, environmental stewardship, community development and access to good food for all.


Lents International Farmers Market

Portland’s only internationally focused market, LIFM provides fresh, affordable, and culturally unique produce to the diverse Lents community and offers farm-direct sales opportunities for immigrant, emerging farmers, and new business owners. In addition to standard market produce, the market features a variety of unique fresh produce from Hmong, Latino, & Russian farmers.